Knight Riderz Riding Club (KRRC) was founded in 2017 by guys dreaming and living biking!

Having traveled on many road trips on their machines, individually and collectively, for many years, these guys came together to form the Club with a singular focus – to spread the biking joy. Being likeminded and competing on the biking passion quotient, the guys decided to pool their experience & zeal to bring in more guys & gals into the fold of biking. Thus KRRC!

In a span of just over 5 years, KRRC is growing in its travel reach and also on the membership count. KRRC has laid a solid foundation to cultivate biking passion among enthusiasts and operates with clearly defined vision, values and procedures. Road discipline, riding rules and the spirit of a biking bond among members are highly upheld at KRRC.

KRRC founders and members, away from the Club, are all from different backgrounds, varied professional environments, diverse cultural & religious influences and differing age groups. But all these diversities melt away once they gather under the KRRC umbrella every week and on planned rides. These guys & gals stand united as one at KRRC and then all that prevails is their collective passion – BIKING!!

KRRC Vision

To build a Club that spreads biking passion and joy

KRRC Mission

To develop strong ties pan India, across International borders, across Clubs & Riders and go for inclusive encouragement to all riders & riding

KRRC Values


KRRC is founded on biking passion and it professes to spark, ignite, cultivate and nurture biking passion in enthusiasts.

Trust & Empowerment

KRRC values implicit mutual trust among members as a core value and also believes in empowering members to take up responsibilities at the Club to propagate its vision & mission. The value statement that KRRC stands by is "All For One & One For All"


Respect for each other's identities, skills, capabilities and abilities are held in very high regard at KRRC. Equality despite diversity, is the backbone of KRRC's existence.

Social Responsibilities

With a strong belief in being responsible citizens of the world, KRRC members value their social identities and further value the positive impact that their social contributions would create on the society.